MK23 / SSX303 TDC Screw

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In order to get the best in range and accuracy with our MK23 pistols, a lot of us use the Hadron Designs TDC mod, the stock adjustment with the SSX23 or something similar which allows us to make minor tweaks to the hop using an allen key quickly and easily. But this means you need to carry an allen key with you in the field which can be a pain...

Introducing the Project Airsoft MK23 TDC Screw!

This screw simply replaces the stock grub screw used to make hop adjustments. Just remove the original, put this one in and now you can instantly make on the fly hop adjustments without the need for additional tools.

Due to the ultra low profile of the adjustment screw it doesn't get caught on holsters when drawing or re-seating either!

The body of the tool is plastic and the grub screw is metal.

Note: Rif not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly.