KWA Ronin TK45 Drum Magazine

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The KWA Ronin TK45 is a fantastic rifle, but only having access to 80 and 120 round magazines can be frustrating. Well, not anymore!

Enter the Project Airsoft KWA Ronin TK45 Drum Magazine which is equivalent to over 16 x 80 round mags and over 11 x 120 round magazines.

We've been working tirelessly to create a drum magazine adaptor for use with one of the most common electric drum magazines out there, the BattleAxe 1200 round electric magazine. This magazine will wind the magazine with the press of a button so you always have a barrel-full of BBs waiting to send down-range. The magazine is powered by 3 x AAA batteries, however we also have rechargeable batteries on offer which we highly recommend.

The magazine adaptor has been designed with an extend fill tube which makes filling the magazine super easy. If you fill this tube to the top you'll also be able to carry more than the stock 1200 rounds the mag usually allows.

When removing the magazine from the rif, drop it down slightly and wait a moment for the BBs under tension in the magazine to feed through and fall back into the feed tube. Once you stop hearing the BBs travelling, it's now safe to remove the magazine spill-free!

Purchase Options:

  • Drum Magazine with Rechargeable Battery (Recommended)
    • A complete magazine which comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charger and a AAA battery holder (Do not plug the AAA battery holder into the charger and only use the supplied battery with the charger)
  • Drum Magazine
    • A complete magazine which comes with a AAA battery holder
  • Adaptor Only
    • Includes the magazine adaptor only (perfect if you already own a BattleAxe 1200rd winding drum magazine and want to change it to fit another rif). If you want a complete magazine, pick one of the other options

Note: Shade of colour may vary. Project Airsoft is not responsible if you damage the magazine or adaptor during installation - Please follow this installation video very carefully and take your time.