'50. Cal' Mock Suppressor

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Being good at airsoft doesn't mean much unless you look cool while getting your kills! So, we've put our heads together and created our first set of mock suppressors to help you do just that.

Enter the 50. Cal.

Sometimes you just need a really, really big gun. And although we can't really change the calibre of our rifles, we can still make them look big! And that's just what the 50. Cal suppressor does. Based off of a 50. Cal round (although, not dimensionally) this mock suppressor makes it look like your gun has a massive bullet inching its way out. Or, if that narrative doesn't tickle your pickle, it looks cool, is super smooth and we think it's aerodynamic, all of which are pretty handy things.

It can be used not only as a mock suppressor, but also as an outer barrel extension. As it's a mock suppressor, it doesn't offer any sound suppression, but if you pack the inner cavity with foam you may see some noise reduction (no foam included).

Tech specs of the mock suppressor:

  • 110mm long
  • 35mm wide
  • 14mm ccw thread (compatible with most rifs)
  • Internal cavity
  • 15mm exit hole

This mock suppressor comes in two options; Standard Flat Base or Pistol Stepped Base. If you intend to run this mock suppressor on a pistol with a 14mm CCW thread then the Pistol Stepped Base is for you as this allows smoother operation of the GBB function. If you're only planning on use the mock suppressor on any other rif, the Standard Flat Base version is for you!