CNC MK23 / SSX23 TDC Tool

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The Project Airsoft TDC Tool took the MK23 market by storm, making it infinitely easier to adjust your hop with the Hadron Designs TDC mod. And now we've partnered with TRIDOS.DESIGN to bring you a full metal CNC version 

Introducing the Project Airsoft X TRIDOS.DESIGN CNC MK23 TDC Tool! (Can ALSO be used to adjust SSG96 hop!)

This tool handily attaches to the pistol without any modification by utilising the thread on the trigger guard which was originally intended for the LAM unit (but who uses that). Just screw it in and you won't even notice it's there.

Then, when you need to adjust your hop, just unscrew the tool, make your adjustments, screw it back in and you're now more combat effective.

Compatible with the DTD Holster.

Note: Rif and stand not included