SRS to M4 Magazine Adaptor

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A regular SRS magazine will give you less than 30 usable BBs in the field. And short of becoming an ammo camel, you're gonna run out of shots pretty quickly. For us (we like to shoot a lot), this wasn't good enough!

We solved this problem by creating an adaptor that enables you to use M4 magazines in your SRS.

So many of us own and run M4's with the kit to match, and switching to using your SRS instead can be a real pain if your rigging isn't set to carry both types of magazine. And even if it is, you're carrying extra weight and using up valuable space when you should be dedicating that time and effort to running the rifle in your hand. With this adaptor, there's no need to carry or run multiple rigs, or have one rig set up to carry multiple types of magazine. Just put your adaptor in, fill your mags with the the right weight BBs and head out onto the field. And if you're feeling ambitious, why not take your M4 and you SRS out with you (for when you need to shoot that bit more!!).

The magazine adaptor features an integrated BB reverse catch, so when your reload, you don't lose any of the BBs between the mag and the hop unit.

What's more? Reloads are 100% easier and faster than with the standard SRS magazine, as now you can do it all with one hand quickly, just like with an M4.
Designed and tested with a Silverback SRS A1 26".

Available as just the adaptor or with an Ares 100 round mid-cap magazine in black or tan (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

Note: Recommend to use 100rd Ares AMAG magazine. Other magazines may work, but not all are compatible and could cause damage to the adaptor. Adaptor available in black or tan. This product is typically dispatched within 1 week of purchase.