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Sometimes one shot just isn't enough for players to call their hits. The solution? Put more rounds into them.

Introducing the Project Airsoft Glock Short Stroke Adaptor which increases your Glock's rounds per second by 50% (*tested on TM G18c). That means if you’re firing 20 BBs per second, with this adaptor you’ll fire 30 BBs per second instead!

It's not just for full auto Glocks though. Even on semi auto it makes your Glock feel super snappy and if your trigger finger is itchy enough, will allow you to fire more shots faster.

These come in two sizes. The 50%* RPS increase gives you that big boost, however the slide will no longer catch open when your magazine is out of BBs. The 33%* RPS increase option does allow the slide to lock when out of BBs, but doesn't give you the same amount of boost. It does however still increase the snappiness of your rif.

These adaptors are currently compatible with Tokyo Marui, Raven and Vorsk 17 and 18c Glocks. If you own another model it may not fit and could cause damage to your rif.

Note: Rif and BBs not included. Will be provided in black, tan or green. If you have a preference, please add a comment to your order. Performance may vary on other models. Over performance of this part could increase wear and tear of rif.

Customer Reviews

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Esox Airsoft
Works great!

Bought the 50% and it works absolutely great on my WE G17 (Gen 4). With my HPA adaptor my WE G17 is a beast. Wish it was available for the Novritsch SSP18 as well.


Fitted perfectly. Glock is snappy!


Fitted perfectly. Glock is now snappy.


Works fine although design made need revision as malfunction’s are more frequent