Holster with Primer Dispenser for Dynatex Dominator Impact Grenade

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A holster for the grenade was stage one. A holster for the grenade with integrated primer storage and dispensing is the final form!

Introducing the Project Airsoft holster with primer dispenser for the Dynatex Dominator impact grenade.

This holster is purpose built to fit the Dynatex Dominator impact grenade (BFG) while also carrying up to 11 primers in the base. To load the primer storage, simply half turn the base and insert up to 11 primers. Once full, half turn back to the starter position and you're good to go! Then when you want a new primer to destroy the enemy, simply turn the base one click and a fresh primer falls right into your hand.

Note: BFG not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly.