M93R Fast Holster

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Having to worry about where you carry your sidearm shouldn't be an issue. And with this, it no longer is.

Introducing the Project Airsoft M93R trigger holster.


This holster safely and securely holsters your M93R pistol by clipping onto your trigger preventing any accidental discharges. It also unclips using a slider by the trigger, so when removing the pistol, your trigger finger is already in the prime position to start sending BBs down range.

The weight of the rif is held on by the body of the pistol and no weight is on the trigger, meaning it is the safely secured at all times.

This fast holster has a universal pistol mount on the rear, allowing you to mount it to any universal pistol mount compatible system. As pictured it's using a Nuprol paddle mount.

Note: Rif and paddle mount not included. Available in either Left Side or Right Side draw mount and comes in Black.