RunCam 2 (and 2 4K) Picatinny Mount and Protective Cover

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For those of us who love creating airsoft content, having cameras on our rifles is essential. But keeping them safe is just as important as recording great footage.

Introducing the Project Airsoft RunCam 2 and 2 4K protective cover.

The camera slides into this case to help keep your camera safe when recording.

Possibly the biggest issue with this range of cameras is position of the USB connection which many people use to power their camera on long skirmishes. The lack of protection makes it very easy to break this connection, rendering your camera close to useless. Our protective case comes equipped with a cable safety channel which supports your USB cable and greatly reduces the risk of damage. 

This camera case comes in two pieces and has a protective clear Perspex disc to protect the lens from impacts.

This case is also a great option for painting and camouflage if you don't want to permanently alter your camera.

Note: RunCam Scope Cam not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly. Comes with mounting hardware and allen key.