Unloader Lid for Odin Speedloader

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Odin and similarly designed speedloaders are fantastic tools. Before them, it was a bit of a pain loading low and mid-cap mags, but now you can fill ten mags in just as many seconds. Unloading mags (in the safe zone) is a different story, however.

Introducing the Project Airsoft Unloader Lid for Odin Speedloaders

Trying to pull back the tab to release BBs is tricky at the best of times, as well as making sure all of the BBs go where you want them to is even harder. But not anymore.

Our "speedunloader lids" replace the existing lid in your Odin or similar speedloaders and allow you to unload your mag in under a second without any effort. Simply remove the cap and push your mag onto the tube and voila!

Note: Odin Speedloader not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly.