MP5 Electric Winding Drum Mag - BattleAxe

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The BattleAxe electric winding magazine is the perfect solution for those wanting to have a ton of BBs out in the field without needing to carry a load of magazines or speedloaders at the same time.

This magazine holds 1,200 BBs and will wind the magazine with the press of a button so you always have a barrel-full of BBs waiting to send down-range. The magazine is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included) or a USB rechargeable pack.

Purchase Options:

  • Drum Magazine with Rechargeable Battery (Recommended)
    • A complete magazine which comes with a rechargeable battery, USB charger and a AAA battery holder (Do not plug the AAA battery holder into the charger and only use the supplied battery with the charger)
  • Drum Magazine
    • A complete magazine which comes with a AAA battery holder
  • Adaptor Only
    • Includes the magazine adaptor only (perfect if you already own a BattleAxe 1200rd winding drum magazine and want to change it to fit another rif). If you want a complete magazine, pick one of the other options

Note: Shade of colour may vary. Project Airsoft is not responsible if you damage the magazine or adaptor during installation - Please follow this installation video very carefully and take your time.