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So often we fill our magazine loaders with BBs, but forget what's in them leading us to miss important shots because we're using a mixture of different weights or we end up throwing away BBs because we don't know what they are...

Enter the Project Airsoft BB Weight Sliders...

These sliders display six different weights. Once attached, simply move the slider to the weight stored in the speedloader so you will never forget. There's three different sliders available:

  • Lightweight - Displaying 0.2 to 0.36
  • Heavyweight - Displaying 0.36 - 0.5
  • Custom weight

The 'Custom Weight' option has six spaces just the the 'Lightweight' and 'Heavyweight' sliders, but they are black, allowing you to customise them to use whatever weights you use. This can be done with a marker, knife or even a soldering iron.

All of our sliders come with a white slider and are equipped with powerful 3M tape on the back so you can quickly and easily mount them securely onto any speedloader.

A bundle of all three is also available.

NOTE: Colour may vary. Speedloader not included.