Foam Wheel Glue Guides

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Sometimes when racing competitively it's necessary to add some glue to the edge of your tyres to ensure you don't grip roll or oversteer. But getting it perfect every time freehand is almost impossible.

Introducing the Project Airsoft Foam Wheel Glue Guides, part of our Mardave Mini Assassin range, but will work with all brands of foam tyres for all cars.

Our Foam Wheel Glue Guides come with three guides of varying depths. These depths are 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm. These depths denote to how much of the tyre glue will be applied.

To use, simply pick the glue guide with the depth required. We recommend starting with 3mm and going up or down in size on future wheels depending if you need more or less grip. Then hold the guide against the wheel on the spoke side and carefully apply masking tape to the tyre following the edge of the guide. Once you've put tape around the entire wheel, remove the guide and inspect your work. You should have a perfectly smooth edge around the entire tyre. If not, you can unpeel and re-stick. Once you have the tape on the tyre, apply your glue as liberally as you wish and remove the tape once complete.

Tried and tested on Contact 46mm and 48mm wheels on our Mardave Mini Assassin Racer SC HR3 Carbon Fibre edition, but they will work with all other brands of foam wheels. You can use the guides on smaller wheel sizes too, but not bigger. If we don't have them for the size you need, get in touch and we can make them for you.

Includes a set of three glue guides - 2.5mm, 3mm and 3.5mm.