GoPro Angle Savers

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So many times I've been recording using my head mounted GoPro and I've accidentally moved it, ruining the angle. I've tried to re-adjust it, but in the field I can never get it right. Well, not anymore.

Introducing the Project Airsoft GoPro Angle Savers.

These come in a pack of four, with each one sporting a different angle and pre-attached adhesive foam on the back. All you do is set up your camera as you would do normally and slide the Angle Savers in-between your camera and your mount until you find the one that fits perfectly flush. Once you know which of the four angles is perfect for you, peel off the back of the tape and stick it to your mount.

Now your camera can't fall backwards and if it gets knocked forwards, just push it back as far as it can go and you're back in business.

Each pack comes with four different angles with adhesive foam pre-attached. Just find which is the best angle for you, stick it on and capture those perfect moments.

Note: GoPro, Mount, Cable and Battery Pack not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly.