Kill-Flash and Protector for RunCam Scope Cam Lite and 4K

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Even the smallest light or reflection can give you away, and with all of the hard work that goes into your ghillie or leaf suit, don't let your sight get you calling 'HIT'!

This kill-flash device snaps straight onto the RunCam Scope Cam Lite and 4K and will help keep your light signature to a minimum.

The honeycomb structure has been specially designed to reduce your reflection to a mere 20-degree radius, while still being compact enough to not impede your performance.

Through testing they're able to sacrificially protect your RunCam Scope Cam Lite and 4K from multiple BB hits up to 350fps, however we would still recommend using a lens shield in conjunction to ensure the best safety.

Note: Red dot sight not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly.