Krytac Vector SMG 'Solid Hex' Mock Suppressor

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The Krytac KRISS Vector SMG is a great rif, but the stock flash hider makes it unnecessarily long while not adding much of an impressive look. So we fixed that...

Introducing the Project Airsoft Krytac Vector SMG 'Solid Hex' Mock Suppressor.

The primary goal of this Mock Suppressor is to give the rif a great look while reducing it's overall length. It achieves this by having the thread set at the end of the suppressor so the rest of the body covers the exposed outer barrel. This gives the illusion of a much more subtle and stubby SMG, while still boasting the same sized inner barrel as before.

Tech specs of the mock suppressor:

  • 41mm long
  • 30mm wide
  • 14mm ccw thread (compatible with most rifs)

Note: Colour may vary slightly