Mardave Mini Assassin Weight Plate

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When racing for fun or competitively it's important to ensure your remote controlled car is correctly balanced so it handles well and performs exactly how you want and need it to.

Introducing the Project Airsoft Mardave Mini Assassin Weight Plate, part of our Mardave Mini Assassin range.

Our Mardave Mini Assassin Weight Plate comes with everything you need to perfectly balance your car for your next race meet. Simply attach the Mardave Mini Assassin Weight Plate to the free side of the motor mount and stick on the included weights one at a time until the car is balanced. To test balance, make sure you use our Mardave Mini Assassin Balancers.

Tried and tested on our Mardave Mini Assassin Racer SC HR3 Carbon Fibre edition, but it will work with all other cars in the Mardave Mini Assassin range.

We highly recommend initially removing the motor and balancing the car by moving your electronics only (your receiver, ESC, power cap, transponder etc.). Once balanced, add your motor back and rebalance using our Weight Plate. By doing this you ensure you have perfectly level balance throughout the whole of the car which will give you the best performance.