MK23 Extended Stabilised Picatinny Under-Rail Adaptor

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MK23's are awesome pistols, but for some reason they don't have a picatinny rail ands there's a lot of movement between the slide and lower receiver which can cause inconsistent shots.

Introducing the Project Airsoft MK23 Extended Stabilised Picatinny Under-Rail Adaptor.

We made a picatinny rail that slides on the under-barrel rail so you can mount any accessory you like. Camera? Sure. Light. Yes. Grip? If you want...

Not only that, but it also connects around the outer barrel securely and uses pressure from the suppressor to keep everything aligned, improving your shot-to-shot accuracy. AND we added an extra rail for more accessory space which is perfect for mounting scope cameras.

Completely compatible with out MK23 TDC Tool too! 

Don't forget to also pick up our MK23 Bundle Pack which includes one TDC Tool, three MK23 Upgrade Followers and one MK23 Magazine Loader. This and our picatinny rail are MUST HAVES if you run a MK23.

Note: Rif not included. Shade of colour may vary slightly. Compatible with all MK23 brands including ASG, STTI, TM and SSX. Only available for original MK23 suppressor.