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We all love our cars and kit, but it's a shame we only get to enjoy them when out at a meet or bashing around on the road, field or garden. So we decided to change that...

Introducing the Project Airsoft RC Car Wall mounts.

Our RC Car Wall mounts come in a variety of different sizes so you can mount all of your pride and joys for everyone to see. We also have RC Controller Mounts available too.

To use, simply attach both RC Car Wall Mounts to any wall or vertical surface using the screw holes (for smaller cars you could also use mounting tape) and place your cars front or rear wheels on them. Then stand back and admire your work! Personally, I like to mount them rear wheels up and I plan on finding some road design wallpaper to complete the look!

Tried and tested on our ever glowing collection of cars, including our 1/12th scale Mardave Mini Assassin Racer SC HR3 Carbon Fibre edition, 1/10th scale FTX-RC Carnage 2.0 4WD Truggy, 1/10th scale Team Associated TC3 4WD touring car and 1/10th scale Tamiya M03 FWD Mini.