RC Controller Wall Mounts

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We all love our cars and kit, but it's a shame we only get to enjoy them when out at a meet or bashing around on the road, field or garden. So we decided to change that...

Introducing the Project Airsoft RC Controller Wall mounts.

Our RC Controller Wall mounts come in two variants, one for controllers without removable antennas (2.4GHz) and one for controllers with removable antennas (the older 27mhz and 40mhz) so you can mount your old and new controllers for everyone to see. Both mounts are the same size and fit trigger/gun/wheel along with stick style controllers. We also have RC Car Wall Mounts available too.

To use, simply attach the RC Controller Wall Mounts to any wall or vertical surface using the screw holes (for light controllers or those without batteries you could use mounting tape). Then stand back and admire your work!

Tried and tested on our ever glowing collection of controllers, including our 2.4GHz Futaba T4GRS, 2.4GHz Etronix Pulse and 40mhz Futaba T2ER.