SRS to Shotgun Shell Magazine Adaptor

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A regular SRS magazine will give you 24 usable BBs in the field. And short of becoming an ammo camel, you're gonna run out of shots pretty quickly. For us (we like to shoot a lot), this wasn't good enough!

We solved this problem by creating an adaptor that enables you to use shotgun shells in your SRS instead!

But why would you want to use shotgun shells in your SRS? Well, shotgun shells are much smaller than an SRS magazine so they're easier to carry and the shotgun shells are a lot easier to load and and unload due to the finger hole at the back of the adaptor giving you the perfect access to push the spent shells out. Shotgun shells also hold more BBs than a standard SRS mag so you can spend more time shooting, and less time reloading.

The magazine adaptor also features an integrated BB reverse catch, so when your reload, you don't lose all of your BBs in the tube between the mag and the hop unit. In fact, if you reload before your shotgun shell is empty, you only lose two BBs, but if you wait until the shell is empty, you won't lose any!

There's also multiple shell retention systems in place, so you don't have to worry about it falling out unexpectedly or knocking it our by accident. However, the shell is still easy to remove and insert. The perfect balance.

Here's the steps to use this adaptor:

Step 1 - Insert adaptor into SRS
Step 2 - Insert loaded shotgun shell into adaptor
Step 3 - Remove shotgun shell, reload, and re-insert into adaptor (this primes the feed tube and gives you all 30 shots from the shotgun shell)
Step 4 - Go shoot and have fun!

Just like our SRS to M4 Magazine Adaptor, this adaptor is compatible with both the SRS A1 and A2.

Note: Colour may vary. SRS and Shotgun Shell not included.

Customer Reviews

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It’s horrible. The worst thing I have bought.

The dimensions are mismatched
Over feeds so it over pushes BBs into the chamber.
Getting it in and out of the srs is a massive mission.
Probably the biggest waste of money I have spent to date on airsoft.
Emailed to say what was wrong. No surprise they have not responded.