Sniper Rifle Piston Weight Tape

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Quite often stock pistons in sniper rifles are too light which makes shots louder than they need to be and reduces your ability to use heavy weight BBs effectively.

Introducing Project Airsoft Sniper Rifle Piston Weight Tape.

 This tape is made of lead and has a double sided tape backing allowing you to quickly and easily attach it to your piston to increase the weight of it. Simply wrap the tape on your piston and cut to size using normal house hold scissors. Repeat this until it looks like the example image.

Our tape is compatible with the vast majority of pistons, but is designed to perfectly fit the stock SSG10 piston. With this piston, you can fit four double wraps of this tape, along with two half single wraps which will more than double the weight of your piston.

Adding the tape will give you a quieter rifle and use of heavier BBs giving you greater range and accuracy.

Once applied to the piston, we recommend a layer of electric tape to the outside to ensure the eights stay in place (see images for example.

Note: Piston not included. Tape overall weight is 55g (+/- 2g).