VSR Magazine Adaptor for Fast Mag Pouch

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Buying kit is a lot of the fun in airsoft, and that means we have a lot of different rifs to choose from (but don't tell the wife that).  This is great, but also can be frustrating having to change your rigging around to suit what you're running. But not anymore...

Introducing the Project Airsoft VSR Magazine Adaptor for Fast Mag Pouch. 

This adaptor slides inside standard M4 Fast Mag holsters and allows you to carry two VSR 10 magazines safely and securely.

Once you have these, you won't need to worry about taking different rigs with you. If you want to swap to a sniper role just take your M4 mags out of their holsters, inser tthe adaptor with loader VSR mags and you're good to go!

Note: Magazines and pouch not included. Shade of colour may vary.